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 Yato is a tough guy to pin down. He is a lesser known god from the Shinto religion...okay, actually he is barely remembered and those who do remember him number more with the gods. He was once a god of calamity and depravity, but something in his past changed him. In the modern era he calls himself a delivery god and grants wishes for 5 yen. No wish to small, no job too big!

Yato tends towards self-focused, if not self-centered. He can be callus to the lives of humans (unless there is 5 yen to be made), and he lives on the streets, having no shrine of his own. In fact, he usually crashes at the shrines of other gods (typically that of Tenjin, the god of learning). He has few friends among the kami and several powerful enemies, most especially Bishamonten, the strongest god of war). He is obsessed with drinking, eating, and kitschy luck charms, much to the detriment of his shrine fund. Despite this, he can be noble and caring.

He is also quite volatile, racing from one emotional spectrum to the other. He doesn't put much thought into caring for the physical comfort of his shinki (think bound servant) and yet considers the effects certain information would have to their emotional state.

He is lazy, seeming to barely do any work, and yet when he does get a job, he does more than is required.


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